• Budapest Photo Walks

    The best spots in the right moment for your amazing pictures

Budapest Photo Walks

The best spots in the right moment for your amazing pictures

Explore Budapest with a local photographer as a tour guide

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Budapest is plenty of outstanding sights, that’s why you come here, don’t you? Some of them you certainly know from post cards, or movie pictures. Also, you want to keep them for your own records, for sure. Whether you are a beginner, a hard-core enthusiast, or a pro photographer, I’m sure you aim to take amazing photos for yourself and for your public.

To achieve it, you definitely need to know:

where to go with your camera and

when to shoot

This is what Budapest Photo Walk by PhotoSherpa can help you in. My name is Zoltan Szabo and I manage this page that offers specialised walking tours in Budapest for photo fans and curious minds. With me, you have the opportunity to see Budapest through a photographer’s eye, get technical help, such as tips and tricks and tools. (I.e. so as to take a breathtaking night shot, you’ll definitely need a tripod or other gear that I can provide you with if you don’t have one.)




On our Best of Budapest photo and history tour, we are looking for the strategic spots to see the most well-known sites of the city.





This photography walk is dedicated to adventurers. We go off the beaten track and discover Budapest in a way most tourists can’t.




Come and enjoy the sightseeing in Budapest with your smartphone, taking cool photos ready to upload to your Instagram page, or other social media site.





A real delicacy, only for curious minds. This photo walk covers some epic scenes average tourists pass by unconsciously if they pass by at all.




Take a look behind the iron curtain. Now, it’s not risky at all still you can feel the ice cold breath of the dictatorship locals did that time.



Contact me to arrange your dream tour.


  • “Professional, serious, personable, and genuine. Awesome experience I would recommend to friends.

    Thanks again Zoltan, it was a great tour!”

    Max and Sami, USA

    about their First Budapest Photo Walks by PhotoSherpa

    Awesome experience I would recommend to friends
  • “Zoltan is a pro! He works with beginners and advanced. He knew what I needed to learn to become a better photographer. The photographs I am taking now……, are amazing!! I fully recommend his expertise!”

    Fernando, Houston, Texas, USA about his First Budapest Photo Walks by PhotoSherpa

    “Zoltan was great giving some insights and history about the city”

    Gilles, Madrid, Spain about his First Budapest Photo Walks by PhotoSherpa

    The photographs I am taking now……, are amazing!!
  • “Excellent, une très bonne expérience. Zoltan est très attentif, agréable et disponible. Je recommande !”

    Federico, Bagnolet, France

    about his First Budapest Photo Walk by PhotoSherpa

    Très bonne expérience
  • “My experience with Zoltan , was very good! Exceeded my expectations, learned about photography and History of Budapest, I recommend 100%”

    Ingrid, Colombia

    about her First Budapest Photo Walks by PhotoSherpa

    Exceeded my expectations… I recommend 100%
  • “One of the best experience that ive ever had from airbnb. I literally learned how to take really really really nice night photos with my dslr, finally! I will use this skillset that i learned from him to take more nice pictures from now on :)) highly recommend this experience”

    Kevin, Lakewood, California, United States

    about his First Budapest Photo Walks by Photosherpa

    … really really really nice night photos…
  • “Visite très sympathique en compagnie de Zoltan ! Son français est excellent autant par mail qu’en vrai ! Il est très arrangeant et le tour est sur-mesure, selon les lieux déjà visités et nos souhaits !”

    Salomé et Guillaume, Strasbourg, France

    about their First Budapest Photo Walks by PhotoSherpa

    …le tour est sur-mesure…

If you are a

first we’re going to take a mini workshop about photography basics. Be sure that you don’t need to have an expensive camera. Hopefully, your camera has manual mode but if you only want to use your smartphone, it is still possible for you to take memorable pictures.

If you are an experienced
photo enthousiast,

and you don’t need to be told what aperture, shutter speed and sensibility are, you’ll find with me the best spots that other tourists won’t. And at the end of our photo walk, we can have a brief seance on useful post-production instructions it does no good to miss.

If you are a pro

you will certainly appreciate the knowledge of a local team-mate. You may want to go off the beaten track, discover the city’s unusual locations from unique point of view.

But if you don’t want to take photos at all, never mind: you’ll anyway get an expert with local knowledge, and what’s even more important:

an unforgettable experience of Budapest.

Frequently asked questions

Both. But if you are primarily curious about history, culture, food, everyday life, you don’t definitely need to take photos. And vice versa, if you only want to take photos and don’t really care about stories, we’ll focus on the scenery.

Sure you can, and on the Best of Budapest, the Unknown Budapest and the Urban Safari tour it’s free of charge for the accompanying person. These are basically photo workshops and we can agree on an easy-to-access itinerary, so non-photographers taking care of an infant can just come if they feel like. The two other tours (Take a walk on the weird side, Taste the everyday life of communism) are mainly cultural and history tours with photo opportunities, too, but the main benefit is to be involved in the group. The baby can be there with you, of course, but all the participants need to pay.

Of course, welcome! I’ve already had 15 and 16 y.o. guys with excellent technical knowledge. On my history tours, I’ve already received a father and his son, 12 y.o., very intelligent and curious about everything. You, as a parent, you can judge what your child is interested in. The essential is that they can enjoy what the tour is about.

We do our best to involve everybody who wants to join the tour. Please contact me to set up a tour that matches your needs.

Sure you can. I am a photographer so… Please write me a little bit about your idea and let’s set up together a photo session for you as a model. I’ll give you all the information in a private message.

After booking, you will get a confirmation mail. If you don’t find it in your mail box soon after booking, please check in the spam because some mail servers might eliminate messages from unknown senders. In the confirmation mail, you will see all the infomation about the meeting point which can vary in some cases. Please, always contact me after booking so that I can set up an itinerary that matches your needs.

Each tour is different so the starting hour can be different as well. I.e. a night session starts at about sunset which might be around 9pm in June but 4.30pm in December. The open air exhibition in the memorial park is accessible also before sunset. The morning photo tour is best before other tourists wake up so we should get to the most frequented spots pretty early, etc. We always have to respect the actual weather, the season, or other special issues that’s why I ask you to CONTACT ME AFTER BOOKING, please.

Your camera with all your lenses, a fully charged battery and an empty memory card. A spare battery and memory card are a good idea. If you have a good tripod for long exposure photos, don’t forget to have it on you. If not, don’t forget to let me know so I bring one for you. If you come with a smartphone, a go pro, or any other tool that is able to record images, please double check you battery life and storage capacity.

It’s not a problem but an opportunity to learn. Sometimes program mode is enough, sometimes you’ll need to use manual settings. The photo workshop is not a live manual tutorial. Every manufacturer has its own system and only a shop assistant is charged to know them all. So if we have to spend our time to discover the required functions, the shooting time will be reduced.

Please check the costs on the Tours page or on the Book your tour page.
If you need extra time, or you choose the ‘Flexi tour’, please send me a message and we’ll set up a special session with a unique price.

Please check the costs on the Tours page or on the Book your tour page.
Also, for long time exposure photos, you can ask me to bring you a tripod (up to 3) and it’s free of charge. If you want to take your photos with a top quality camera and lenses, I can lend you such kind of equipments for a small extra fee. A compact camera is also available with no extra charge.
Not any other tools and equipments, such as meals, accommodation, cloths, medical or travel insurance included.

Now, the costs are to be charged in cash, pay on arrival. Payment in HUF, EUR, USD accepted. See the tariff on the Tours page or on the Book your tour page. If you still want to pay via bank transfer, please let me know in mail.

If you are a regular client, or you have any coupon, please let me know in the remark box when booking.

If it’s too hot, please bring some fresh water and a sun hat. If it’s too cold, we’re going to wear a warm coat. When it rains, we benefit from the water reflection on the pavement. Then you’d better have a rain coat and a rubber band for your camera protection. As a backup plan, we can change the itinerary, or you can choose another tour, more independent from the weather. Of course, in kind of insane circumstances, we can cancel or postpone the tour.

If you have any obstacle and you can’t join the tour after booking, please let me know as soon as possible so that other people can make reservation. If you have a prepaid tour that you cancel, the full amount will be refund if the cancelation is beyond 2 weeks before the beginning of the tour.

Please contact me as soon as possible. My phone number works on Viber and WhatsApp, too: +36304230390

Well, there hasn’t been any cancelation by PhotoSherpa so far. In an extreme situation, we will suggest another date. If it’s not convenient to you and you have a prepaid experience, the amount will be refund.