My name is Zoltan Szabo and I manage this site that offers different kinds of photo, cultural and history tours in Budapest, Hungary for you.

I was born in Budapest and I’ve been living in a nice and green area of the city, called Zugló, Pest side.

I started to take photos when I was a child and over the years, I kept and practised this activity as a hobby. Although I enrolled to a pro photo course at the Association of Hungarian Journalists in the nineties, the next two decades of mine passed in the advertising business.

I worked as a creative person, planning campaigns and organising photo and film productions. So, that time I wasn’t the guy who pressed the button but I used to be involved in the process as a supervisor. Meanwhile, I graduated at the New York Institute of Photography and decided to shift my passion to profession. Besides commissions and projects running, I have recently started to organise Budapest Photo Walks, in the hope to meet many people as guests from the four winds of the globe to show them the beauties of my homeland.

Being a licensed tour guide, I can also give you all the information you need about Budapest and Hungary.nyip125x125

Take advantage of the opportunity being led by a local photographer and tour guide to find the spots other visitors won’t. After shooting, you will get even more tips and tricks about how to develop your photos to a higher level.

If you want to create top-end images of yours, PhotoSherpa will escort you on the way up there. You can be a beginner, a photo enthusiast, or a pro, I promise that you will get valuable new experiences.