Virus time. Heroes’ square, Budapest

Heroes square, Budapest
Actually, the picture on the left side was taken in 1989, during the biggest manifestation of the former regime just before its collapse. Some 100,000 people went out to celebrate the reburial of the martyrs of the 1956’s revolution but this manifestation was in the same time an elementary protest against the system. By the way, almost the same amount of people used to fill this square on every single 1 May, International Workers’ Day. However, this day was called officially here the International Day of the Work. Don’t ask me why. But if you want to know more about the history of Hungary and histories of Hungarians, or horribile dictu learn Hungarian which is said to be one of the hardests to learn of all European languages, look for an e-course on Contact me via e-mail to set up your personal learning program on The first lesson is for free, you can decide yourself afterwords.

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If you plan to give a visit to Budapest, Hungary one day, this is the best moment to start getting information.
This epic square looks like this in colours, indeed:
Heroes' square, Budapest
Actually, it looks like this during virus time only. Normally, in this season the field you see here empty is full of groups of tourists, similar to the b&w picture on the left side above.
This square is the usual starting point of a Budapest city tour and especially the first source of knowledge of the country’s history. If you are interested why, feel free to contact me: