And the final result of the public vote is:


And my choice with the comments:
All of the students did a great job. I was surprised how attentive they were during the short introduction and how consciously they tried to follow my suggestions in terms of composing a picture. So please give a big applause for all of them.
It wasn’t then easy for me to select the best of the bests. The selection criteria were
  • creativity and genuineness of the idea regarding the chosen topic,
  • consciousness of the composition (following any of the previously given suggestions),
  • overall impact of the image in itself.
Considering these sights, for me the number 1 picture is:

Bilingual B

This picture matches all the criteria of the competition. It is not only a very good photo but a boldly cool message to the institution and the jury. Adolescent rebellion against authorities. I love it.
The multitude of the stone squares give a perfect background to the crumpled piece of paper showing us clearly the ‘b’ on the ‘bilingual’ invitation to the challenge. The contrast between the almost monochrome, orderly grid, similar to a school math notebook and the irregural shape of the bright white paper is flawless. It’s an arranged irregularity, a kind of cheek flick with taste and delicacy tweeting: ‘There you go’.
We can only see fragments of words that don’t disturb to recognise the actual subject, the letter ‘b’ of bilingual. The shallow depth of field is also highlighting the protagonist of the photo placed on the optimum area: well balanced composition.
What’s more, the apparently incidental layout is intensified by the random piece of rock apart. There isn’t any unnecessary element in this image and what’s important is in there. Simplicity is a key feature of a great photo. Congratulations.