Taste the everyday life of communism

Taste the everyday life of communism

photo and history tour

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Take a look behind the iron curtain. Now, it’s not risky at all still you can feel the ice cold breath of the dictatorship locals did that time. Get to know who the best disciple of Stalin was, where the famous Hungarian orange comes from, what the imitation of Coca-cola was like, what we call ‘goulash communism’ and why Hungary used to be reckoned as the happiest barrack of the Eastern bloc. Take a look at a house with covered flats where the secret police met their informers.

Popular history of Hungary during the cold war in a funny way: ’histotainment’

Then take an exclusive trip to the past and roam among statues that decorated the most frequented public places of Budapest. A selfie with Lenin, or Stalin? Yes, it’s possible. In the nearby exhibition hall, you also have the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the communist era. You can also look into the ‘Life of an Agent’, educational film of the Secret Police. Back to the city, you can finish the tour in a special pub full of ironic accessories relating to communism and have lunch there (optional).

What will happen on the tour?

  • We are going to meet in a small café that has been running since the early ’60s. Yes, it’s true. This is the last one.
  • In an informal chat about the communist period, you can ask all the questions you are curious about.
  • You can see a special house where secret police met their informers then get to the Memorial park full of statues cleared away from public spaces.
  • Enter a real barrack to see the exhibition on the revolution and the regime change.
  • Get to know how secret police used to work. An educational film called ‘Life of an Agent’.
  • Take photos, selfies, or get portraits on the spots.
  • Have lunch in a funny restaurant full of ironic accessories of that period (optional).

Main benefits:

  • Informative tour about history and culture of Hungary
  • That’s History in a popular and amusing way
  • Led by a professional tour guide and photographer 2 in 1
  • Great fun in a small-group tour
  • Excellent value for money
  • Friendly atmosphere on an intimate walking tour
  • The perfect alternative to a Budapest walking tour

Amazing experience in such a beautiful city.

I had a great time with Zoltan. He’s patient and attentive. I learned a few new techniques that I’d never had a chance to do with my camera. I love how my pictures came out. We also had a unique experience with Zoltan on his other Communist Era tour. It was great to be able to compare the similarities and differences between the communist regimes of Hungary and that of Vietnam during the same era.

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